Dr. Sacha Sidani

Speech Title: The Role of the Gut Microbiota in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Location: Canada
Biography: Dr. Sacha Sidani did his gastroenterology training at the Universty of Montreal, Canada. He completed his post-doctoral training at the Farncombe Institute in Hamilton, Cana-da. He is a consultant gastroenterologist and Assistant Professor of Medicinhttps://gastroenterology.universeconferences.com/e at the University of Montreal Health Center, where he leads a busy tertiary care practice with a special interest in the role of microbiota-directed therapies in chronic gastrointes-tinal diseases. He is the Director of the GI motility laboratory at the University of Montreal Health Center. He recently joined the Dr. Rami Hamed Medical Center in Dubai in order to lead their Gastroenterology division and to expand his practice further.


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