11th World Gastroenterology & Hepatology Conference 2021 May 09-10 Dubai, UAE.

Medical team hosted the “11th World Gastroenterology & Hepatology Conference”, during May 09-10 Dubai, UAE with the theme, “Navigating the Future of Gastroenterology”, which was a great success. Eminent keynote speakers from various reputed institutions and organizations addressed the gathering with their resplendent presence. We extend our grateful thanks to all the momentous speakers, conference attendees who contributed towards
the successful run of the conference. Gastroenterology Conference 2021 Organizing Committee extends its gratitude and congratulates the Honorable Moderators of the conference. Medical team extends its warm gratitude to all the Honorable Guests and Keynote Speakers of “Gastroenterology conference 2021”.

Medical team is privileged to felicitate Gastroenterology Conference 2020 Organizing Committee, Keynote Speakers, Chairs and also the Moderators of the conference whose support and efforts made the conference to move on the path of success. Medical team thanks every individual participant for the enormous exquisite
response. This inspires us to continue organizing events and conferences for further research in the field of Gastro and Hepatology. Medical team is glad to announce “11th World Gastroenterology & Hepatology Conference”, during May 09-10 Dubai, UAE .

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We cordiallywelcome all the eminent researchers, Presidents, CEO’s, Gastro and researchers, industrialists, Surgeons, doctors, young scientists, Training Institutes, Young researchers, Data Management Companies, Hospital General Counsel, Legal Nurse Consultants, Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies, students and delegates to take part in this upcoming conference to witness invaluable scientific discussions and contribute to the future innovations in the field of Gastro and Hepatology with 20% abatement on the Early Bird Prices. Bookmark your dates for “Gastro Conference 2021, as the Nominations for Best Poster Awards and Young Researcher Awards are open across the world.

This motivates us to keep planning conferences and events to further gastrointestinal
and hepatological research. The medical community is pleased to announce the dates
of the May 09–10 “11th World Gastroenterology Hepatology Conference-2021.” 
Attendees in Dubai, United Arab Emirates will have many opportunity to network
and interact with new people. By going to the meetings, you can progress your profession
and take break from your regular gastroenterology responsibilities. Gastroenterology is a specialty of medicine which deals with the study, diagnosis
& treatment of digestive system disorders. These disorders may affect the stomach,
intestines, esophagus, gallbladder, liver, rectum, or pancreas. It is usually known as
GI (Gastrointestinal). Gastroenterologists diagnose & treat Gastrointestinal diseases
in an individual. The specialist performs different procedures like endoscopic in which
specialized instruments are used to view the Gastrointestinal tract and make a diagnosis.
The specialist can treat any part of the system. The Gastrointestinal System digests food
absorbs nutrients and removes waste.
Gastroenterology is branch of medicine that focuses on understanding, diagnosing, and treating conditions affecting the digestive system. 
These conditions can affect the pancreas, liver, rectum, gallbladder, stomach, intestines, and oesophagus. 
Its common name is GI (Gastrointestinal). Diagnose and treat gastrointestinal disorders in patients under the care of gastroenterologists. 
The professional uses specialised devices to see the gastrointestinal tract and make diagnoses during various procedures like endoscopic ones. 
Any system component can be treated by the specialist. The digestive system breaks down food, assimilates nutrients, and eliminates waste.

Lunch Session (11th World gastroenterology & hepatology conference)

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