Seal of Legitimacy

At the 14th World Gastroenterology, IBD, and Hepatology Conference, our top priority is to provide an enjoyable experience and build confidence in your decision to attend our event. Given the rise in deceptive scams and frauds, we completely acknowledge your legitimate concerns about attending a conference. Our aim is to discover novel treatments and advance knowledge in Gastroenterology, IBD, and Hepatology. Our team of professionals is absolutely committed to providing an experience that goes below words. Rest assured, we take an honest and real approach with all of our participants.

Track 1 : Gastroenterology
Track 2 : Hepatology
Track 3 : Hepatitis
Track 4 : Gastrointestinal Pathology
Track 5 : Gastrointestinal Cancer
Track 6 : Covid-19 effects on gastroenterology practices
Track 7 : Small Bowel and Colonic Disease
Track 8 : Pancreatic and biliary disease
Track 9 : Esophageal and Gastaric Disease
Track 10 : Abdominal & Primary Care
Track 11 : Microbiota
Track 12 : Celiac Diseases
Track 13 : Pediatric Gastroenterology
Track 14 : Gastrointestinal Surgery
Track 15 : Innovation & Technology in Gastroenterology
Track 16 : Digestive Disorders
Track 17 : Gallbladder & Biliary Diseases
Track 18: Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Track 19 : Gastrointestinal Radiology
Track 20 : Gastroenteritis
Track 21 : Bariatric Surgery
Track 22 : Liver Biopsy
Track 23 : Gastroenterology Treatment
Track 24 : Gastrointestinal Immunology
Track 25 : Gut Microbiome & Probiotics Interactior
Track 26 : Neuro Gastroenterology

Our event’s main focus is “Discovering new treatments, and advancing medical knowledge in Gastroenterology, IBD and Hepatology.

CME Benefits:

  • Refine skills to improve overall patient care
  • Stay current with the latest developments within their specialty
  • Address real-world challenges that health care professionals face day to day
  • Gain professional growth and a means to advance career status
  • Meet licensing/certification requirements
  • Learn effective medical team management skills
  • Earn membership in professional organizations

CPD Benefits:

  • Keeping employee skills up to date.
  • Maintaining professional standards.
  • Building employee confidence.
  • Enhance career advancement.
  • Improve job satisfaction.
  • Maintaining high standards across the organisation.
  • Meet regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • Improving employee commitment to their jobs.
  • Share best practice across the organisation.
  1. Diverse Attendee Experience: Dubai offers a rich tapestry of experiences beyond the conference venue, including cultural attractions, leisure activities, shopping districts, culinary delights, and iconic landmarks. Attendees can explore the city’s vibrant blend of tradition and modernity, creating memorable experiences and fostering engagement with the local community.
  2. Knowledge Exchange and Innovation: Dubai’s dynamic and multicultural environment fosters creativity, innovation, and knowledge exchange. Conferences held in the city provide a platform for sharing ideas, research findings, best practices, and emerging trends, driving progress and innovation within the respective fields or industries.
  3. Accessibility: With its strategic location between Europe, Asia, and Africa, Dubai is easily accessible from major international destinations, making it convenient for attendees flying in from different parts of the world.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Dubai attracts professionals from various industries, providing excellent networking opportunities for conference attendees to connect with potential clients, partners, and industry experts from around the globe.
  5. Global Connectivity: Dubai’s strategic location makes it a hub for international travel, with direct flights connecting it to major cities worldwide. This accessibility facilitates attendance by delegates from various countries, enhancing the conference’s reach and impact.

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