Small Bowel & Colonic Disease



What is small bowel & colonic disease?

Small bowel disease:
The small bowel, also known as the small intestine, is between 20 and 30 feet long and has a diameter of around 1 inch. It can fit into the abdominal cavity thanks to its many folds. The small bowel has a connection to the stomach on one end and to the large intestine on the other.

Food that has only partially digested moves from the stomach to the small intestine, where the remaining digestive functions take place. Its lining absorbs nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and water.

What is Colonic Disease?

The large intestine, often known as the colon, is a component of your digestive system. Your body creates and stores stool in a long, hollow tube at the end of your digestive system. The colon’s capacity to function effectively is impacted by numerous diseases.

  • intestinal cancer
  • Colonic polyps are growths of excess tissue that can turn malignant in the colon.
  • ulcerative colitis causes colon and rectum ulcers.
  • Diverticulitis is an infection or inflammation of colonic pouches.
  • An painful condition that causes abdominal cramps and other symptoms is irritable bowel syndrome.

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What signs indicate minor bowel obstruction?

The following are examples of small bowel blockage symptoms:

  • Stomach discomfort and cramps in the abdomen
  • Bloating
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dehydration
  • Malaise (an overall feeling of illness)
  • Having no appetite

A lot of constipation. A person won’t be able to pass gas or stool in cases of total occlusion.


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What is the remedy for minor bowel obstruction?

  • Patients who have intestinal obstructions are admitted to hospitals. Treatment options include bowel rest with nothing to eat (NPO), intravenous (in the vein) fluids, and, occasionally, bowel decompression using a nasogastric tube (a tube that is inserted into the nose and goes directly to the stomach).
  • Anti-emetics: To treat nausea and vomiting, medication may be necessary.
  • Surgery may be required if the small intestine is entirely strangulated or obstructed. Surgery aims to locate and address the intestinal obstruction’s root causes. Sometimes, intestinal portions may require surgery. It could be necessary to resection and remove the diseased portion.

Symptoms of Colonic cancer

Colon cancer symptoms and signs include:

  • Constipation, diarrhoea, or a change in the stool’s consistency that lasts for a long time are examples of persistent changes in bowel habits.
  • bleeding from the rectum or blood in the stools
  • ongoing abdominal discomfort that includes cramps, gas, or pain
  • a sensation that your bowels aren’t totally empty
  • weakness or exhaustion
  • Unaccounted-for weight loss

Early on in the disease, colon cancer is often symptomless in many patients. Depending on the size and location of the cancer in your large intestine, symptoms may differ when they do.

Causes of colon cancer

Most colon cancers are unknown causes, according to doctors.

Colon cancer typically starts when normal colonic cells experience DNA abnormalities (mutations). A set of instructions that inform a cell what to do can be found in its DNA.

Your body’s healthy cells divide and grow in an organised fashion to maintain regular physiological function. However, when a cell’s DNA is harmed and it becomes cancer, it continues to divide even though new cells are not required. A tumor is created as the cells assemble.

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