Dr. Abdollah zandi

About Dr. Zandi

The experience and frequency of surgery leads to mastery, and the lack of complications after surgery for patients shows the doctor’s commitment to the patient. Dr. Abdullah Zandi, with more than 24 years of experience in the field of bariatric surgery, and using the most up-to-date American equipment and according to the anatomy and genetics of each person, performs his surgeries in order to not only maintain the health of the patient, but also reduce the complications caused by the surgery. At least as much as possible.

cgraduated in 1998 with a general surgery fellowship in laparoscopic surgery and a bariatric surgery fellowship in 2000, and I have been in the profession for the previous 24 years. He has successfully performed over 10,000 obesity surgery, 4,500 gastric and colorectal cancer surgeries, 300 pancreatic surgeries, and 7,000 gallbladder and bile duct surgeries.

Dr. Zandi is a member of several surgical societies, including the Association of Surgeons of Iran and the Association of International Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, or IFSO. Over the last 20 years, He has also mentored and played an important role in promoting and enhancing minimally invasive surgeries, as well as teaching young surgeons.

Dr. Zandi’s experience includes treating all forms of hernias, weight reduction or gastric surgery, gallbladder therapy, colon and stomach cancer, gastric balloon, and many other procedures.

Dr. Zandi is highly enthusiastic about his work and takes great pride in being able to assist those who are suffering from various health concerns. This encourages me to continue improving.

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